Khans of Brixton Indian Restaurant

Khans of Brixton

Khan's of Brixton Menu


1. Samosa £2.50
Vegetables seasoned with spices, rolled in pastry and fried

2. Onion Bhaji £2.75
Finely chopped onions and spicy gram flour seasoned with herbs and condiments deep fried

3. Murgh Pakora £4.50
Supreme of chicken dipped in maizon of gram flour and deep fried

4. Vegetable Pakora £4.50
Mushroom or aubergines dipped in a maizon of gram flour and deep fried

5. Chum Chum Chicken HR £5.50
Marinated breast of chicken layered with chef's special chutney and grilled on charcoal.

6. Maachi Pakwan Kebab HR £5.50
Delicately speed fish cooked in batter, served on a bed of smoked aubergine (Highly Recommended)

7. Prawn Puri £5.50
Prawn cooked to medium hot taste served on puri (Recommended)

8. Chana Puri £4.95
Chick peas cooked to medium hot taste served on puri (Recommended)

9. Green Salad £2.95
Oakleaf Lettuce, cucumber, onion, cherry tomatoes and red pepper in chef's own dressing


10. Tandoori Murgh HR £7.50
One of the most exotic oriental specialities. Juicy chicken grilled to perfection

11. Nawabi Murgh Tikka £7.50
Ever popular Indian delight. Filets of chicken dipped in marinade of garlic, yoghurt and spices, toasted on flame

12. Seekh Kebab Sultani £7.50
Delicious kebabs of minced lean lamb herbs and condiments char-grilled.

13. Murgh or Lamb Shashlic HR £10.50
Russian delicacy adapted and improved by the natives of subcontinent. Chicken or lamb Sets, onion, tomatoes and capsicums marinated in smooth spices and chargrilled

14. Jhinga Tandoori HR £12.50
Jumbo prawns rolled in tandoori spices and broiled on a skewer

15. Tandoori Mixed Grill HR £13.50
A galaxy of tandoori grills served with nan simply hard to resist. (Starter for two)


16. Murgh Jalfrazi £7.95
Supreme of chicken cooked with hot spices and green chillies

17. Murgh Tikka Masala £7.95
As chicken tikka masala varies from house to house Khan's offers their own recipe

18. Murgh Handi Laziz HR £7.95
Pieces of chicken cooked in a blend of spices and coconut cream with chilles (recommended)

19. Mirchi Lamb HR £9.50
Sliced fillets of lamb sauteed with red peppers fresh ginger, herbs and green chillies

20. Pasanda Badami HR - £7.95
Thin fillets of chicken or lamb simmered in a mace of almond, pistachios and flavoured with saffron

21. Maachi Naryal HR £11.95
Fish steaks marinated in fresh herbs served with spicy coconut sauce

22. Tandoori King Prawn Masala £12.95
King prawns cooked in the tandoori oven mildly spiced and simmered in a sauce of toasted cashew nuts and fresh cream

23. Jhinga Huryali HR £12.95
Succulent jumbo prawns with a touch of olive oil, mustard seeds and a combination of mixed herbs, sweet basil and coconut cream (recommended)

24. Butter Chicken Special HR £9.95
Pieces of chicken tikka and tandoori chicken cooked in a rich and creamy sauce

25. Chicken or Lamb Ceylon HR £7.95
Forget the Vindaloo, try our Ceylon. Cooked in tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, red chillies and coconut

26. Chicken Tikka Bhuna HR £8.50
Barbecued chicken cooked with special herbs in a medium hot sauce

King of Balti's, meat, chicken, king prawns cooked in a mace prepared with olive oil, herbs and spices with tomato and yoghurt, added with juliens of ginger and flakes of garlic, served with a garlic nan. All Balti dishes are medium hot. (Highly Recommended)

27. Vegetable £10.50
28. Chicken or Lamb £11.95
29. King Prawn £12.95
30. Fish Balti £12.95


31. Traditional Chicken or Lamb Dishes £8.50
Korma, Rogan Josh, Dupiaza, Madras, Vindaloo, Dhansak

32. Chicken Green Masala HR £7.95
Luscious pieces of chicken tossed in olive oil with mustard seeds and a touch of coriander, sweet basil and various herbs and spices

33. Murgh Lasooni £7.95
Pieces of boneless chicken breast simmered in a sauce of fresh herbs and roasted garlic

34. Karahi Gosht or Murgh HR £8.50
A choice of lamb or chicken cooked with oriental herbs, spices, fresh ginger, tomatoes
and peppers all tossed dry in an iron karahi

35. Palak Gosht or Murgh £8.50
A choice of lamb or chicken cooked with spinach, fresh herbs, ginger and crushed garlic


36. Prawn Piri Piri HR £8.50
Prawns in a sauce of herbs and coconut milk garnished with freshly grated coconut

37. Prawn Palak £8.50
Prawns and spinach flavoured with fresh herbs, ground spices and a hint of garlic

38. Maachi Gulfam HR £11.95
Fillet of fish marinated in herbs and spices, pan-fried with tomatoes and a hint of garlic

39. Jhinga Changezi HR £12.95
Succulent king prawns grilled and lightly tossed with fresh herbs

40. Jhinga Lasooni £12.95
King prawns simmered in a sauce of roasted garlic and fresh herbs

41. Jhinga Ceylon HR £12.95
Forget the Vindaloo, try our Ceylon. Cooked in tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, red chillies and coconut

A combination of required meat and Basmati Rice cooked to perfection with various spices and herbs. Served with vegetable curry

42. Chicken or lamb £10.95
43. Prawn £10.95
44. King Prawn £13.95
45. Vegetable £9.50

(As Main Course £1.50 Extra)

46. Mixed Vegetables £4.95
Vegetables steamed and delicately spiced with olive oil

47. Chana Masala £4.95
Chick Peas and onions skill fully spiced

48. Tarka Dall HR £4.95
Garlic based lentils cooked to chef's own recipe

49. Bombay Aloo Spicy Potatoes £4.95

50. Bindi Okra gently simmered in olive oil £4.95

51. Aloo Gobhi £4.95
Cauliflower and potatoes gently cooked with herbs

52. Baingan Aloo HR £4.95
Aubergine cooked with onions, tomatoes and potatoes

53. Sag Aloo HR £4.95
Spinach and potatoes flavoured with fenugreek

54. Sag Panir HR £4.95
Spinach and home made cheese mildly spiced

55. Mushroom Bhaji £4.95
Mushroom, onions and tomatoes simmered in their own juice with a touch of olive oil

56. Vegetable Dhansak £4.95
Vegetables cooked with lentils, sour and hot

57. Muttor Panir HR £4.95
Garden peas & homemade cheese mildly spiced

(Main Dishes)

58. Pumpkin Masala HR £6.50
Cubes of fresh pumpkin cooked in medium hot spices and roasted sesame seeds

59. Vegetable Jalfrazi HR £6.50
Mixed vegetables cooked in hot spices and green chilli

60. Panir Passanda £6.50
Home made cheese thinly sliced with a mild creamy sauce

61. Vegetable Tikka Masala £6.50
Mixed vegetables served in sauce of tomatoes, almonds, cashew nuts and fresh cream

62. Vegetable Korma (Mixed Vegetables) HR £6.50
Cooked in a mild and creamy sauce


63. Steamed Rice (Simply boiled rice) £2.75

64. Pulao Rice £2.75
Rice cooked with vegetable stock and condiments

65. Mushroom Pulao £2.95
Mushrooms and rice stir fried

66. Special Fried Rice peas & egg stir fried with pilau rice £2.95

67. Coconut Rice coconut & rice stir fried £2.95


68. Roti £1.50
Wholemeal bread

69. Nan £1.75
Freshly baked bread

70. Paratha £2.85
Flaky bread layered with olive oil

71. Garlic Nan £2.85
Garnished with fresh garlic and coriander

72. Onion Kulcha Nan £2.85
Freshly baked leavened bread garnished with sesame seeds and special stuffing

73. Keema Nan £2.85
Leavened bread stuffed with seasoned mince

74. Peshwari Nan £2.85
Stuffed with almonds and sultanas


75. Papadums £0.60
Plain or spicy

76. Cucumber Raita £1.50
Yoghurt and cucumber seasoned with spices

77. Kachumber/Onion Salad £1.95
Combination of diced onions cucumber and tomatoes


78. Coke/Diet Coke (Bottle) £2.95
79. Cans £0.95
80. Mineral Water (still or Sparkling) £2.95

NOTE: HR = highly recommended